To increase traffic, leads and sales on your website with Ads.

Why choose pay per click advertising?

To increase traffic, leads, and sales on your website with search engine marketing.

With nearly 3.5 billion people online and 70 percent of them using the internet daily, displaying a successful web presence to potential customers is completely necessary for your company.

Current figures show that 93% of online activity begins with a search engine, the market share of which is 70% for Google. Therefore, it is important that the company is highly classified for the services or goods to sell.

Catweb Media is specialist in this area. We carefully adapt, adjust and monitor your pay per click ads to ensure that your advertisements are delivered to the people who are looking for you in the right places, at the right times and most importantly. Our small but dedicated team works with care, knowledge and expertise to deliver great results that will transform your company, with an accepted monthly budget that fits your business.


Google Display Network.

Catweb Media will show your ads in search engine marketing to people around the world across a number of common websites.

Additionally, we can be more selective with the pages on which your business appears. For example, only show on websites that fall within your target area of business.


Pay Per Click & Display Advertising,

Pay Per Click

Efficient PPC (or pay per click) includes close preparation, continuous analysis and daily monitoring. The opportunity to optimize your PPC chances is a crucial Catweb Media service.

Your negotiated monthly budget would reimburse Google for any earned clicks as well as for our service, which aims to:
Optimized costs in such a way that keywords rank above.
  • Put keywords in place and introduce new keywords to draw more visitors.
  • To boost clicking through speeds, write multiple adverts.
  • Using ad extensions including locations and phone numbers.
  • To start improving track leads and sales against keywords.
  • To increase your return on investment handle unnecessary clicks.

Display Advertising

Our advertisement display service can help promote your company online to the right target audience, ensuring significant traffic from your adverts. We will:
  • design banners and advertising that encourage and draw attention to your brand effectively.
  • Aim your ads at the right people online, in the right places.
  • Set potential investment returns based on your budget, planned views, and cost per button, before the campaign starts.

Why Choose Catweb Media?

We won’t lock you into a contract

We won't tie you down to a fixed contract in search engine marketing if you want to take a break from running PPC ads, and you can interrupt campaigns as and when necessary.

Our work is carried out with transparency

Unlike other companies, we don't outsource any work, no secrets or mystery surrounding the campaigns.

We work with you

We’ll collaborate with you to help execute the most effective PPC campaigns.

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