Question: Who Is ADP’S Biggest Competitor?

Who is bigger ADP vs Paychex?

ADP has twice as many payroll and HR product plans as Paychex.

It has eight in total.

Four for businesses with 1-49 employees and four for larger businesses..

How many US employees are paid through ADP?

As of June 30, 2020, the U.S.-based human resources management software and services provider, Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) employed approximately 58,000 persons worldwide. This number was roughly 47,000 in June 30, 2010….ADP’s total number of employees worldwide from 2010 to 2020.Number of employees–10 more rows•Nov 4, 2020

What is the best payroll?

2021’s Best Payroll Software for Small BusinessesGusto. : Best overall.RUN Powered by ADP. : Best for payroll & HR.Paychex. : Best reporting.OnPay. : Simplest setup.SurePayroll. : Best customer service.Square Payroll. : Best for contract work.Patriot Software. : Most affordable self-service.Wave Payroll.More items…

How many companies use ADP?

26,529 companiesWe have data on 26,529 companies that use ADP Payroll. The companies using ADP Payroll are most often found in United States and in the Hospital & Health Care industry. ADP Payroll is most often used by companies with 50-200 employees and 10M-50M dollars in revenue.

Why is workday better than SAP?

Ultimately, Workday Human Capital Management and SAP SuccessFactors HR both boast an accessible, all-encompassing HR tool that ensures streamlined processes. Although operation differs, the two programs share many of the same features. Workday’s embedded analytical capabilities provide an overall advantage.

Who is the largest payroll company?

ADPADP is the largest and probably best-known payroll processing company in the United States. ADP offers services to companies ranging from small businesses of one or two employees all the way up to multi-national businesses exceeding 1,000 employees and more.

What is similar to workday?

Top Alternatives to Workday HCMUKG Pro (formerly Ultimate Software UltiPro)Ceridian Dayforce.Paylocity.Oracle PeopleSoft.Paycom.SAP SuccessFactors.Oracle Talent Management Cloud (formerly Taleo)ADP Workforce Now.

Is Paychex better than ADP?

Although, ADP charges a higher average fee from its clients, Paychex was able to grow its average fee at an average rate of 4.3% while ADP could only grow its fees by 3.2%. As mentioned above, the difference between the average fees charged by the two companies is due to the type of clients served.

Is Paychex an ADP?

Paychex Flex: An overview. RUN Powered by ADP and Paychex Flex are two of the oldest payroll services companies in the U.S. Both have a history of providing not only payroll processing, but related services such as human resources (HR) and employee benefits administration.

Is Paychex a good company?

Paychex is a solid company with great benefits. The communication is not always great, and the employees are usually over-worked and under-paid. Good work culture. … Pay, benefits and culture were great.

Who is ADP owned by?

The general publicThe general public holds a substantial 20.85% stake in ADP, making it a highly popular stock among retail investors. This level of ownership gives retail investors the power to sway key policy decisions such as board composition, executive compensation, and potential acquisitions.

How much does Paychex service cost?

Summary: Paychex Payroll Pricing On average, a company with 10 employees will pay approximately $3,300 per year for bi-weekly payroll through Paychex. They also charge a setup fee of $200. Paychex charges an additional fee of $60 plus $6.25 per employee for year-end W-2s and 1099s.

What payroll software is best?

Best Payroll Software for Small BusinessesBest overall payroll software: Gusto and QuickBooks.Best low-cost payroll software: OnPay and Patriot Software.Best payroll software for quick integration: SurePayroll.Payroll software for small business.

What is the best HCM system?

The Best HCM Solutions ListInfor.Oracle HCM Cloud.Sage People.SAP SuccessFactors.ADP WorkforceNow.Workday.Rippling.Vibe HCM.More items…•Jan 4, 2021

Who is the CEO of ADP?

Carlos A. Rodriguez (Nov 2011–)ADP, LLC/CEOPresident & Chief Executive Officer Carlos Rodriguez was named President and Chief Executive Officer in 2011, making him ADP’s sixth CEO since its 1949 founding.

How much is ADP per month?

On average, you will pay $160 with 10-15 employees. We were quoted $179.86 monthly for 11 employees for payroll and HR Plus; that is a $10 per-employee fee in addition to payroll fees. (The company charges a fee each time you run payroll with ADP software.)

Is workday better than Oracle?

In contrast, Oracle is significantly ahead of Workday when it comes to integrating acquired companies and technologies. We’ve invested billions of dollars in developing cloud applications for every business function—and in building out our own secure data centers and infrastructure.

What companies use ADP?

Companies using ADP Workforce Now for Human Capital Management include: Coca-Cola, a United States based Consumer Packaged Goods organisation with 150900 employees and revenues of $47.92 billions, WSP, a Canada based Professional Services organisation with 47100 employees and revenues of $6.93 billions, AmeriHealth …