How to run successful Ad campaign ,101 guide.

Ola amigos! Welcome to our 2nd part of running ad campaigns like a pro. Today we are here to present you with some best ad campaigns and very important points to make your ad campaign worth time and money spending. in today’s blog, we aren’t only gonna see some points as usual but we will take a look at some actual ad campaigns that happened in the past and made a huge impact around the globe. All the campaigns which I’m gonna mention are important cause they were seeking creativity, not for attention. and that automatically grabbed the attention of millions of people around the globe.

The client which we have, they ask us how to run an ad campaign to get maximum reach. and we tell them stories. A story that changes and enhances the brand. And today we got some best cases and ideas to show you how an Ad campaign changes the brand status. And I want you guys to read it till the end to get perfect key takeaways.

How to Run Ad campaign?

In my last blog, I’ve explained the 101 guide to run an ad campaign. But, in today’s blog, we will see some case studies which are literally a true example of best ad campaigns ever. best ad campaigns really matter when you are expecting a good ROI on what you’ve spent. You will get a bunch of ideas but I bet till now you’ve never got any of these which I’m gonna share with you.

What’s Trending on? :

Well, Before running an ad campaign I want you to get you to be ready with Google tab in your phone or System. Now start doing research about “Trends in your niche”. Cause once you get the trends you’ll get the map that will lead you towards the success of your campaigns.  When you understand the trends you’ll be able to figure out what’s happening in the market. and it helps you to understand the situation to set what’s good for your brand or product. And while going this you should think which medium to use for a campaign. every small and single aspect matters during research.


if you really want your campaign to get a successful campaign you have to adopt the seasonal changes. In the USA 19% of sales happen only during the holiday season that is Christmas. and somehow 59% of restaurants see the decline in patrons during the summertime. Instead of overspending on weekend markets, you should adapt the seasonal trends.

Make Fresh Ads to stand out from your competitors:

To make an ad campaign successful, You have to create an ad that is unique. Cause, It attracts the viewers cause they are your “To be Customers”. Whenever the viewer sees your Ad, Either he/she is looking for something for what they used a search engine or the medium or he just came across your ad randomly. and the second thought which will come in their mind is how and why they should buy your product. Make your ad so creative that even if a viewer doesn’t wanna buy it, after seeing your ad he/she would fall for it. And your Ad campaign shows how you are different.

When the viewer sees your add in his/her mind there is one question, Why should I go for this product? What’s that unique thing in this product? why is it different than the product I saw last night? You have to show why should the viewer will become your customer. And why you are different from your customers. the best example of Burger king Vs other competitors. burger king’s marketing team is really massive the creative heads are really marketing nerds. they do know when and how to attract the customers and then this thing happened.  [comment below if you would love to get a free whopper.]

Mae your Ad campaign Engaging:

Have you noticed one thing that T.V commercials are getting limited? What does that mean? It means that the marketers are getting the realization about the audience. they came to know that the generation is switching to social media platforms, internet, music streaming apps, and other ott platforms. As we are evolving the percentage of the ad spend is also evolving. it was about to spend but what about the idea, the concept? You know that you will find your audience on these kinda platforms so what will you do? Let’s take a look at this ad campaign of the coca-cola where they tied up with the shazam and created a masterpiece. take a look at the video below.

A massive and unique concept to attract customers by using modern technology. This is just a start, in the near future we will see some revolutionary changes in the advertisement industry. what made this campaign a unique and a masterpiece. A creative heads+marketing heads knew which medium they should choose and, where they can put their ads. they literally used every medium and one mode ‘the phone’ which became a digital straw.

Look after your social responsibilities:

As we all know that the life of almost every human and creature on this earth is affected by the pandemic. But do you know that swiggy and Pepsi just took the initiative for saving the small restaurant, Take a look at this banner and see how kind of them. this small gesture will really help these restaurant owners to save their restaurants.

ad_campaigns Swiggy_best_ad_campaign

The ad campaign is all about taking advantage of the moment or situations:

Advertisers and marketers are observing creatures. they are just looking for one moment or an opportunity which will change or may bring some improvements in their sell or the status. Do you remember when Movie IT got released? and once again burger king embraced that opportunity in a mind-blowing way and after the movie, they literally trolled their competitors.  It’s always about being active. so, you won’t miss that opportunity.

This is what real brands do. brand success doesn’t come overnight it will take time. As I said that every small step matter in advertising. Internet is the wormhole you can travel from here to the heart of the customer just with the one click and the one right strategy. If you are a small business and struggling out there, don’t worry. in every brand’s journey that one turning point comes which changes the status of that brand. so, keep going and keep reading my blogs.

so that’s all for the day. I will be posting more and more about the ad campaigns in the coming days. till then keep reading and keep sharing.

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