Digital marketing with the influence of AI.

We are already halfway of 2020. But, due to this pandemic spending our days at home but some of you are too curious to know. How technology will bring changes in digital marketing and online marketing? Or, what will happen to online marketing platforms in the coming months? Well Digital marketing and online marketing terms are really unpredictable. Cause, every morning before you start your day, you will be hearing about an update. It doesn’t matter how minor or major it is. So, there will be an update every day. To stay updated about digital marketing, web design, and web development trends sign up to our site and always get reminded about the new blogs. 


How these trends will help marketing companies and digital marketing agencies? Well faster you adopt the changes and follow the trends your competitive level gets even stronger. But the trends, consumer behavior, and their interests are not predictable. We can’t always have our grip on the customer’s mind. Cause, we don’t know that if they are still following the old tactics and technologies to get the desired product and services. There are so many things to discuss. This is the first part of our AI influence. So let see the influence of AF on and online marketing platforms. 


Conversational Marketing. [ChatBots]:


Conversational marketing is the best revolutionary part of AI. It is an AI-powered messaging solution It is a computer-based program that works instinctively. And it communicates through almost every digital media that includes the organization’s website, intelligent virtual agents message, and social platforms. Users or viewers can make conversation with the bots to get information by using voice or text. Well according to survey From 100% the 56% of companies claimed that the chatbots are making a disturbance in their industry. But, the good news is that the other 57% of the companies are happy with the performance of the chatbot and conversational market. Because it gives them a really impressive ROI with very small effort.

conversational marketing and uses of chatbots are differing from the niche of the industry. As per their different types. There are 4 types of chatbots. Informational, Enterprise productivity, Transactional, Device control. Some companies are still not able to adopt the technology. Here’s the reason why?

  • Few of them aren’t able to understand how and where to use them. 
  • Before understanding the terms that how bots will deliver they build the building of realistic expectations.  Cause whatever they will deliver it is going to be intangible.

These two are major things where companies are getting failed.

So, they have to check if they are sufficient expert to handle this or not. If not then they have to hire or to assign someone who knows these terms. and here the digital marketing agencies will help them to use these boats for beneficial of their organization. the one agency whos really into AI thing with months/years of experience.


Voice interaction:


Well the smart devices, yeah! you are guessing it right. Siri, Echo dot, Alexa well their skill development is getting up on another level. when we preferred talking like the best way of interacting. So, now the machines are finally catching up on the different ways about, how and what people want to search for. And this is the rally challenging thing to make machines smart enough to react and to come up with the exact same stuff that the user is searching for.  Cause when we do a text search that time the machine comes up with the one page full of related results. But, when we ask the machine to conduct a search and to come up with results so, twill reply you verbally but results will be few.

Well to get the most effective results we have to treat or train devices that way. No doubt that the updates will come. But, for that, they have to recognize the conversational tone and the keywords that people will love to speak instead of typing while searching. So, it will help to get the expected result.

Digital advertising:


On a digital marketing platform, we have many ways to serve ads but the most effective way to advertise now is social media platforms. 63% of users on Instagram and more than 70% of people on printers have claimed that they use these platforms before they make their final purchase. Cause there are so many people who want to create their personal brands. So, the people posts fresh and relevant content about the products.  Or else maybe they run the ads to make awareness about their product.  and the buyer and user get connected through the social media profile. After interaction on the profile, there’s a link that diverts that user to the seller’s website or the App. and this is how the final transaction to the desired product is made.

Instagram tracks your activity on its platform. For example, Like the purchase that you have made not through Instagram.  But you’ve shown your interest by visiting that page and ou liked some of their pictures and videos. You made an engagement with the account. And the same way it will track your performance and engagement about the accounts that you’ve engaged previously.  Now Instagram’s AI model gathers all the data about the content, that you’ve loved and engaged. Will put the similar account’s posts on the explore page that you’ll love to see. the same way it will be beneficial to the seller also. They can run ads like these on social media platforms. And will automatically get engaged on the accounts that people are interested in.


We are seeing Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok as a brand or social media platform. But, in the coming years you will start treating these brads as a T.V and their ads as T.V commercials. cause we spent more time on small screens and scrolling feeds than the bigger ones.

Content is becoming Quality content:


Day by day technology is getting stronger and our ways of creating content are becoming easier. Ai helps us to create the most effective content nowadays. people love to see visual effects than just seeing the text-based content. That’s why its a second effective tool in content marketing.  Now you’ll be thinking about other expenses to create video content about your business. No, Don’t worry about expenses. There are so many sites on the internet that helps you to create the video without any technical skills and designers.

AI can be used, and developed, to curate content. YouTube’s recommendation feature, for example, offers recommendations. For videos that may attract users based on their previous behavior. Using a similar tool would allow you to suggest items, forums, videos.


Well, This is not an end of AI influence. this is just an end of ur part one. We learned that with Ai the future is closer to turn in to reality. it’s becoming more accessible for businesses day by day.  From providing the relevant recommendations to timely customer service its evolving seconds by seconds. and we saw how AI and Digital marketing goes hand in hand.  so, adopt it to grow your brand and meet the expectation of customers. Before that to get connected with your customers contact us.






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