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“Content marketing”  Do you know that your content speaks? Content is always a king. It doesn’t matter if you are running an offline business or an online store the content is the core of marketing. Now, how does offline marketing needs content? “A sales pitch” that they used to present in front of their customers, investors, and other people. But, Apart from pitching for the product you can provide relevant and useful information to your customers with content marketing. Content is the first and foremost tool in the marketing industry. If you want some massive content marketing ideas then read this blog till the end.

These days everyone wants to grow the presence of their website and I must say the “content is king”. Cause, if you have some basic content marketing ideas it will be really useful for your website. and content marketing is a strategic marketing approach.

The truth is that day by day the traditional marketing practices are becoming less effective. And that’s due to the constantly upgrading world. Where people want to save their time to do more productive things. And now the salespeople who used to pitch about the product in the mall, gardens, industrial location, and near schools are getting disappeared.

“Then who is pitching about the product? who is promising that their company will serve the best services around the town? It’s your content. Yes! that speaks on behalf of you, not only in your town but worldwide.”

In today’s blog we will breakdown some myths about content marketing to make you aware of the facts. Content marketing includes different modes of content. and those are Blogs, Videos, Images, Infographics, and Picture stories. and, these 5 modes are way more important and tricky in their own way. In this world, we have a variety of people who have different preferences. and, in content marketing you have to consider all of them. Let me elaborate, Some people would love to watch a video instead of reading the 1000 words of a blog.  but some of them want things in detail so they will prefer reading blogs online. and some want things easy so they will prefer looking at infographics.


Group of Hands Holding Speech Bubble Concept

So, as per the preferences you should create all the types of content but one of these the one should be your expertise. So, let see how to get one. 

Content marketing Blogs [ How to write blogs]:

Content marketing blogs

When you are writing blog things to consider are, Understand the niche first. Cause, it will give you a proper glance about what you should write and which things you should mention in your blogs. And yeah! if you like something and you are obsessed with it, it doesn’t mean that you know 100% how to write about it. here your knowledge will be the most useful tool to create a blog that will make an impact in the coming days. 

Set your priorities while writing blogs:

Now, there a thing some people say the blogging is dead. There are so many videos and stuff out there which claim that in the coming years the blogging will be dead. Forget about the future if you aren’t setting your priorities wisely it will be dead for your website in the coming days.

Priority one Search engine: 

Make it easy for google

When you are writing a blog consider Search engine as your first priority. Cause, the search engine is the one who will be reading your blog as a number one reader. Make it easy and simple for search engines.  Research about life and the popularity of the topic. And mainly the keywords which you will be using while writing your blog. the easier it is for the search engines to understand more visibility it will get. 

Priority two readers: 

Focus on readers

There will be some loyal readers who will constantly come back to your website. And it will happen only if your content is engaging so before writing remember to share the actual stories. If you are a travel blogger share your experience about the most recent trip, If you are an online seller than tell the story of a customer or present your product like you are sharing a story with your customers or viewers. 

By blogs you are entertaining your viewers. But there’s another Big E which you should highlight and that’s education. through your blogs your viewer should be educated. Remember that you are a resource for them so keep sharing the information. 

Online content must be easier to digest than a print product. That means shorter sentences, shorter paragraphs, and shorter posts, and subheads and bullet points break your posts up. Readers are fickle and will move on when confronted with hard-to-follow content, particularly on mobile devices where they may have limited viewing space.


Content marketing

Don’t forget to create an infographic of the blog which you’ve written. the infographic will give a glance about your blog. And you’ll be posting this infographic on social media platforms. so by looking at this infographic viewers will love to visit and read your blog in more detail on your website. 

Promoting them to get social referrals: 

social higilighting

Not usual content marketing idea but getting social highlight about the content which you’ve posted on your website is necessary. After promoting make social highlights about your new blog. Promote it on your social media accounts and give referrals like on your website on bio. if you have a strong social media grip than your viewers will be increased through that social referrals.


Visual and Audio content marketing ideas:

Content marketing ideas

When you dive deep into your inch you will start updating your self with the latest info about the market. so find ideas about visual content. It could be anything like image, video, or podcast. Use some amazing photographs or graphics to tell a story about your product or services. 

Compelling visual content helps humanize a company that is otherwise faceless and provides a reason for people to interact. It can also help to provide new ways for consumers to relate to your business.  like making a video series that explains how to use your product or benefits of using your products. it will give you more engagement and kinda after-sales experience for your customers.

Podcats are way new but most affecting mode to serve content these days. where if you have strong connections so you can launch new podcasts about your niche on different audio streaming platforms. where you’ll be discussing new inventions and introductions of new products arriving in your niche. 

That’s all folks:

That’s all for this blog folks I will add on some more ideas about the content marketing campaign in our next part till then ciao!


content marketing

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